1. IOS Affiliate Program – Terms of Service
    • This Affiliate Program Terms of Service (hereinafter the “Affiliate ToS”) is made and agreed to by Infinity Online Solutions, Inc., its subsidiary corporations, affiliate corporations, successors, and assigns (collectively referred to as the Company), and the Company’s affiliate (“Affiliate”), and it governs the Affiliate’s participation in the Program. The Affiliate ToS takes effect on the date the Affiliate signs up for the program.
    • Acceptance of this Affiliate ToS by Affiliate indicates that Affiliate has read, recognized, confirmed, and will be bound by this Affiliate ToS as well as the Company’s Universal Terms of Service Agreement, which is incorporated herein by reference, and all other terms and conditions related thereto with regard to the Affiliate account registered for (“Affiliate Account”). The definitions given in the Universal Terms of Service (“UToS”), when applicable, apply to capitalized terms used in this document but are not otherwise defined. This Affiliate ToS shall take precedence over the UToS if there is a dispute between them. The customer declares that they have read the affiliate terms of service.
    • This Affiliate ToS, as well as any policies or agreements that are incorporated herein:
      • May be changed or modified by the Company at any time, and such changes or modifications shall take effect immediately upon posting to the Websites.
      • By using the Products, Websites, or Services associated with the Affiliate Account after such changes or modifications have been made (as indicated by the “Last Updated” in these Affiliated ToS).
      • The Affiliate acknowledges and agrees that Company may notify Affiliate of such changes or modifications by posting them to the Websites, and Affiliate’s use of such Products, Websites, or Services shall constitute Affiliate’s acceptance of this Affiliate ToS as last revised.
      • Affiliates should not use (or continue to use) the Products, Websites, or Services connected to the Affiliate Account if they do not agree to be bound by this Affiliate ToS as of the most recent modification.
    • Additionally, the Company may on occasion send an email to the Affiliate notifying them of updates or changes to this affiliate’s TOS.
    • Affiliates are always required to keep the company updated on all pertinent information, including payment and email contact details. If the affiliate fails to get an email message as a consequence of erroneous information in the Affiliate Account, the company disclaims all responsibility and accountability.
    • This program is open only to people who are at least eighteen (18+) years or older.
    • The website(s) Affiliate will use in association with the Program must be disclosed to the Company during the sign-up process and at all times afterward, and Company must agree. Affiliate is prohibited from assuming a fraudulent identity or that of another person or organization or from posting sponsored links from advertisers on other websites without prior approval from the Company. Any earned but unpaid earnings will be immediately forfeited by the Affiliate and will not be paid by the Company to the Affiliate if it is discovered that the Affiliate put an advertiser-sponsored link(s) on an unapproved website(s).
  2. Disclaimer of Warranties
    • The Program Is Provided “As Is” Without Any Warranties Whatsoever, Including All Services Provided In Connection With The Program. To The Maximum Extent Permitted By Law, All Express, Implied, And Statutory Warranties, Including, Without Limitation, The Warranties Of Merchantability, Fitness For A Particular Purpose, And Non-Infringement Of Proprietary Rights, Are Expressly Disclaimed. Company Disclaims All Warranties with Respect to The Program, Including the Services Provided in Connection with The Program, To the Fullest Extent Permitted by Law. Affiliate Acknowledges and Agrees That Any Material Downloaded or Otherwise Obtained Through Participation in The Program Is Done at The Affiliate’s Own Discretion and Risk, And That Affiliate Will Be Solely Responsible for Any Damage to The Affiliate’s Computer System, Device(S), Or Loss of Data That Results from The Download of Such Material. Certain Jurisdictions Do Not Allow the Disclaimer of Implied Warranties. The Above Disclaimers May Not Apply to Affiliates Insofar as They Relate to Implied Warranties in Such Jurisdictions.
    • The Company Shall Under No Circumstances Be Liable to The Affiliate for The Affiliate’s Participation in The Program, Use or Misuse Of The Program, Reliance On The Program, Inability To Participate In The Program, Or For The Interruption, Suspension, Or Termination Of The Program. This Limitation of Liability Shall Apply to Preclude Recovery of Direct, Indirect, Incidental, Consequential, Special, Exonerating, And Punitive Damages (Even If The Company Has Been Advised Of The Possibility Of Such Damages). Such A Limitation of Liability Shall Be Applicable Regardless of The Cause of The Damages, Such as Participation in The Program, Use or Misuse Of The Program, Reliance On The Program, Inability To Participate In The Program, Interruption, Suspension, Or Termination Of The Program (Including Any Resulting Third-Party Damages). A Limitation Like This Shall Apply, Without Limitation, To the Costs of Procurement of Substitute Goods or Services, Lost Profits, Damage To Any Device, Or Lost Data. Such Limitation Shall Apply with Respect To The Program’s Operation Or Non-Operation Or Any Information Or Products That Appear On Or Are Linked Or Related In Any Manner To, Company’s Network. Any Failure of The Limited Remedy’s Essential Purpose Shall Not Prevent Such Limitation from Applying. The Fullest Extent Permitted By Law Shall Be Applied To This Limitation. A Limitation of Liability May Not Be Permitted In Some Jurisdictions. In These Jurisdictions, The Aforementioned Limitation May Not Apply to Affiliate.
  3. The IOS Affiliate Program
    • Once an affiliate joins the program, they can place links and pre-qualified advertising campaigns on their website(s) that will drive traffic to the company’s website(s) and result in a sale of a qualifying product, allowing them to earn an unlimited amount of income. Copying and pasting the adverts and links provided by Company may make it simpler for the Affiliate to include the high-performing advertisements and links on Affiliate’s website(s). Affiliate is entitled to receive a commission payment if a potential customer makes a full purchase within ninety (90) days of being directed to a Company website or other material by a link on the Affiliate’s website(s).
    • Affiliate will only be compensated for transactions that are made using a Company Affiliate’s affiliate link. The same buyer who views any other Company website or content using a non-Affiliate’s affiliate link will not be eligible to receive a commission on any subsequent purchases made by them (i.e., the sale is not made through the Affiliate’s affiliate link). During the first ninety (90) days, if the potential customer clicks on a non-Affiliate’s affiliate link that is not under Affiliate’s control or returns to any other Company website or content via another source-coded advertising link, Affiliate’s affiliate link will be overwritten, and Affiliate will not be compensated should that potential customer finish a purchase of a Company Product.
    • When an affiliate purchases a hosting account for their own use or for the use of their employees, agents, representatives, or contractors, the company does not give them a commission. In most cases, even if the potential customer was brought to the Company via an affiliate’s website, the company does not pay a commission for orders made or completed over the phone or live chat. Any recommendations made before Affiliate joined the program are not eligible for a commission.
  4. Limitations on Advertising
    • Company retains the right to refuse enrollment in the Program for any reason. Affiliate understands and accepts that Affiliate’s website(s) or publishing place shall not (and shall not allow others to):
      • incorporate or make use of the company’s trademarks (InfinityOnlineSolutions or its associated Brands) in the affiliate’s marketing URL (such as bestioshosting, ioshosting, ioshosting-reviews, etc.). Affiliate shall be liable to suspension or termination from the Program and will lose all commissions if Affiliate uses a domain name that contains any trademarks owned by the Company.
      • It is completely forbidden to run paid search ads using terms like “ios,” “hosting,” “ios web hosting,” “ios hosting coupon,” “ios hosting discount,” or similar;
      • Direct a link to infinityonlinesolutions.com;
      • Whenever possible, make the company’s URL the displayed URL.
      • Use iframes or other methods or tools that install the affiliate tracking cookie (or another tracker) of the affiliate other than through a genuine click-through.
      • Have “IOS” or “IOS Hosting” in any way be a part of the affiliate’s login;
      • Don’t give anyone else your login and password combination for accessing your affiliate account. Any login or password combination must be kept private, and this is the exclusive responsibility of the Affiliate. Affiliate is solely liable for any and all uses made of the Affiliate Account, even if the Affiliate has given a third party permission to use the Affiliate Account;
      • Engage in the promotion of incentive-based programs and websites for business opportunities utilizing marketing strategies that could be judged immoral or are likely to draw phony or transient clients (clients with low retention and renewal rates);
      • Permit multiple uses of coupons on the designated coupon redemption sites for each consumer;
      • Display any content or materials that are libellous, defamatory, abusive, violent, bigoted, hate-oriented, illegal, cracking, hacking or warez, adult oriented (pornographic), or the offer of any illegal good or service on Affiliate’s website(s) or through the Program, or link(s) to a website(s) that does so, and/or engage in spamming, indiscriminate advertising, or unsolicited commercial email (see Company
      • Promote, solicit or participate in pyramid schemes or multi-level channel and/or network marketing (i.e., multi-level-marketing (MLM)) activities, including but not limited to personal work-at-home offers promoting “get rich quick,” “build your wealth,” and “financial independence” offerings. Failure to comply may result in account suspension and forfeiture of commissions.
      • Additionally, as a Program participant, Affiliate consents to:
        • Send a prompt email notification to the company if the affiliate believes any clicks are fraudulent or that another Company affiliate has violated or might have violated any of the provisions of this Affiliate TOS;
        • Use only the links, marketing collateral, and branding made available through the program in the specific way and mode in which such links, marketing collateral, and branding are made available in accordance with the program;
        • Use these links, advertisements, and branding solely for establishing links to the Company’s website(s), directing visitors to the services offered there, and promoting; and
        • Use the links, marketing materials, and branding provided by the program only to supplement the information displayed on the affiliate’s website(s); they must not serve as the website(s)’s only source of information.
      • The Company reserves the right to revoke this Affiliate ToS, the Affiliate’s right to utilise or benefit from any services or benefits, including the forfeiture of any past, present, or future commissions connected with the Program, and to take any legal action against the Affiliate if the Affiliate:
        • infringes any of the conditions set forth herein or the terms and conditions or policies of the Company;
        • commits any form of fraud, uses a system improperly, or does anything else that is illegal;
        • fails to keep the volume of sales conversions constant;
        • traffic patterns that are odd or have surges;
        • engages in unusual sales; or
        • engages in any type of activity deemed to be inappropriate.
  1. Program Commissions
    • Each affiliate of the Company has a different commission scheme. In Affiliate’s Affiliate Impact Radius control panel (the “IR Control Panel”), you may find the commission structure that applies to you. Company expressly reserves the right to alter the commission structure at any time, as it sees fit, and without prior notification to Affiliate. Any such alterations would take effect straight away after being posted to the Affiliate’s IR Control Panel.
    • Affiliate acknowledges, understands, and agrees that Affiliate is ineligible for and will not receive a commission related to:
      • Sales that use the same personal or business details as the referring affiliate, including but not limited to last name, email address, ip address, website details, or commission payment details,
      • Many buys made by the same referred or existing customers,
      • Sales deemed as fraudulent or illegal, in the sole discretion of the company
      • Any sales made in conjunction with exclusive discounts or coupons without the company’s permission or any violation of the aforementioned could result in a reversal of commissions and the termination of the affiliate’s participation in the program. Apart from promotions provided by the company, commission sales are only for the sale of hosting plans.
    • A commission payment will be sent to the affiliate by the company (less any taxes that must be withheld under applicable law) via PayPal or wire transfer (as specified in the IR Control Panel) once the affiliate’s total commissions due exceed fifty dollars ($50.00 USD). Any payment will follow the conditions of the affiliate’s contract, which are available in the portal of the affiliate.
    • Approximately thirty (30) calendar days following the completion of a purchase (and full payment thereof) and the customer’s approval, the Company will handle commission payments and statements of activity, either manually or through automated services. The Affiliate Payout Schedule, which can be found in the Affiliate’s interface, will determine how payments for verified and approved purchases are made.
  2. Affiliate Payouts
    • Other than for a legitimate sale made exclusively by the Affiliate) and customer subscription in active status for at least thirty (30) days, the Company will not reimburse or reward the Affiliate for any commissions or offer any other form of consideration. When there is a suspicion of fraud or abusive behavior about an order, the company maintains the right to extend the payment deadline.
    • Affiliate acknowledges and agrees that in the event Affiliate terminates the Program, Company shall have the right to charge Affiliate an administrative fee in the amount of the lesser of (i) twenty-five United States dollars ($25.00 USD) or (ii) the unpaid funds still in Affiliate’s Program account. Any money left over in the affiliate’s account after the administrative charge is deducted will be paid out in accordance with the payment method chosen.
  3. Responsibilities and obligations of affiliates obligations regarding privacy.
    • Affiliate acknowledges that it will publish a privacy statement (similar to the Company’s Privacy Statement) on its website(s) or other publishing location(s) and make it publicly accessible to all users. Affiliate’s privacy statement shall be in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the privacy of users, visitors, and customers, and shall be commercially reasonable and provide a complete and accurate description of the collection and use of visitor information by Affiliate. The use of third-party technology by the affiliate, including tracking technology, cookie usage, and alternatives to stop using such cookies, must also be fully and truthfully disclosed. The Affiliate will forfeit all commissions if this Section is broken, and the Program will be terminated as a result.
  4. Affiliate agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Company and its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, and each of their respective officers, directors, employees, shareholders, attorneys and agents (each an “indemnified party” and, collectively, “indemnified parties”) from and against any and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, suits, actions, demands, proceedings (whether legal or administrative), and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees) threatened, asserted, or filed by a third party against any of the indemnified parties arising out of or relating to (i) Affiliate’s use of the Program, (ii) any violation by Affiliate of this Affiliate ToS and/or any of the Agreements, (iii) any breach of any representation, warranty or covenant of Affiliate contained in this Affiliate ToS or (iv) any acts or omissions of Affiliate. The terms of this section shall survive any termination of this Affiliate ToS.
  5. Program Availability – Throughout the duration of these Affiliate Terms of Service, Company shall make commercially reasonable efforts to provide the Program twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven days per week. However, Affiliate understands and agrees that there may be instances when the Program is not accessible to Affiliate and that this is not a guarantee. Affiliate understands and accepts that Company has no control over the Program’s availability on a continuous or uninterrupted basis, and Company disclaims all responsibility to Affiliate or any other party with relation to such availability.